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The perforated blank raffle ticket paper and software is available at: http:// or
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RTP1 Raffle Ticket Paper 1 Pack of 250 A4 sheets - Perforated for 2 tickets per A4 sheet (yielding 500 tickets), 3 tickets per A4 sheet (yielding 750
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We offer perforated blank paper stock to accommodate your printing needs. Discontinued and discounted raffle ticket paper : Click Here
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Perforated Paper by Popular Project. Raffle Tickets . Light weight ticket paper · Heavy weight ticket paper . Business Cards
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Perforated Paper Products. Letter Sized Perforated Paper Configurations ..... Just received my order today, 250 raffle tickets for an event on March 5th!
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Our standard raffle ticket size is 210mm x 74mm. Tickets are perforated All standard tickets are printed with black ink with a choice of paper colour of
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Design and Number Raffle Tickets Free Online. Print to Your Printer. to perforate the stub line, and use a guillotine (or scissors) to cut the horizontal select this option in the Printing dialog, to order the paper correctly.
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If you are going to print your raffle tickets in-house, consider purchasing printable raffle ticket perforated paper for easy tearing.
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With the highest quality numbered raffle tickets around, precision perforation for clean stub separation and easy left to right Pre-Cuts Advanced · Prescription Paper · Presentation Folder Kits · Raffle Tickets · Report Covers
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Most printers will handle carbon copy paper that is often perforated and Also, some paper manufacturing companies offer raffle ticket template supplies
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27 Oct 2009 Use plain paper and cut tickets apart yourself or use our pre- perforated paper for a professional appearance. It is also like a raffle flyer
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Pre- Perforated Paper for a professional finished look. We have microperfed along the ticket edges so you can separate with ease and the edges look clean.
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Perforated Paper is 100gsm (top quality) bond paper , and comes in packs of 100 A4 sheets which makes 800 tickets. For use with Raffle Ticket Software