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20 Jul 2008 Empty legs are private jets returning home empty, and LunaJets offers them at tickets on all routes and all train operating companies.
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Empty legs are created when a private jet has been scheduled to fly to a given destination but for a variety of reasons can not wait for the passengers to
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ElJet offers executive empty leg and traditional charter jet rentals on luxury corporate aircraft. You can search for business class private jet charters Featured Empty Legs - Airport Codes - Top City - Cached - Similar Empty Leg & Private Jet Charter ServicesElJet offers a selection of luxury executive empty leg and traditional charter jet rentals. We can arrange flights to most popular destinations around the
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Save Money Using an “ Empty Leg ” Flight for a Business Jet Charter .... to offer fractional ownership in the aircraft rather than selling tickets for seats.
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Cessna Citation CJ3 available for a private jet charter empty leg from Belgrade to London Luton. Call Jet Booking Direct now for more details.
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Now chartering a private jet is as easy as buying an airline ticket . We have a large supply of Empty Leg flights and One-way flight pricing available.
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Empty leg jet charter flights represent an incredible value and savings for jet Empty leg flights are jet flights that are re-positioning to pick up
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23 Dec 2008 It essentially breaks down like this: you book an empty leg (a flight on a private jet that would otherwise be travelling with no
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3 Oct 2008 Discount seating on empty private jet flights a new Swiss company is taking a different approach to private jet travel by making the most of existing empty leg flights. Portfolio management for season tickets .
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Empty leg charters flights - one of the services we offers. Empty leg jet charters are available at reduced prices, we offer empty leg jets , and market your
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El Jet has pioneered a focus on “ empty leg ” also known as “dead heads” flights, El Jet successfully pairs travelers with the empty legs of scheduled
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Small jet charters are just the ticket for private groups, families and executives. April 7th, 2010 | Tags: affordable jet travel, empty leg charters,
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7 Feb 2010 Liberty Jet Management Empty leg today from Paso Robles (PRB) to Las Vegas and luxury home rentals including tickets to the tournament!
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Private Business Jets Charter - Great Deals using Empty Legs - How to get up to 75% off Corporate Air Charters.
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First LunaJets looks for Empty Leg flights that match your itinerary - empty legs are private jets that fly "empty" when returning home.